History of the Savoy royal family and Emanuele Filiberto’s relationship with video games

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, CEO of The RoyaLand project, tells us the amazing story of his family, his youth and his relationship with video games.

Read the interview and learn about the history and passions that drive The RoyaLand.

Interviewer: Welcome, Emanuele. It’s a privilege to converse with you about your family’s history, your personal experiences, and insights into the royal world. Could you delve deeper into the rich and multifaceted history of your family?


Emanuele Filiberto: Absolutely. The story of my family is a monumental journey through over a thousand years of history, originating from the tranquil and picturesque region of Savoy in France. Our lineage has been intricately intertwined with the shaping of territories and nations, through strategic alliances, marriages, and, at times, conflicts, each chapter contributing to our expanding influence and power.

From the serene and culturally rich landscapes of Savoy, our ancestors extended their reach to the lively and beautiful region of Nice. Our ambitions were not confined to these regions; our ancestors envisioned a united Italy, a land known for its rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and states. Our influence gradually permeated through regions like Piedmont and Sardinia, and our relentless pursuit of unity culminated in the realization of a united Italy, with our family having the honor of being its first monarchs.

The House of Savoy has been a witness to and participant in the evolving political and cultural landscapes of Europe, contributing to the shaping of nations and the course of history. 


Interviewer: Emanuele could you share more about your childhood experiences with video games and how they might have influenced you?


Emanuele Filiberto: Certainly. Video games were a magical portal to uncharted worlds during my youth, offering a respite from reality and a canvas to paint my adventures. My journey began with the pioneering Atari in the eighties, transitioning to Sega and the iconic Pac-Man. The evolution of gaming technology brought more sophisticated and immersive experiences, from the competitive spirit of FIFA to the thrilling realms of Call of Duty.

These games were not mere pastimes; they were the harbingers of a digital revolution, shaping perceptions and offering new dimensions of interaction and exploration. They allowed me to experience diverse narratives and perspectives, enriching my understanding of the world and fueling my imagination.


Interviewer: Do your daughters share this passion, and do you find time to join them in these digital adventures?


Emanuele Filiberto: Yes, my daughters, Vittoria and Luisa, have also embraced the enchanting world of video games, exploring the myriad of experiences and narratives they offer. The allure of stepping into unknown worlds, crafting one’s story, and exploring diverse landscapes is a timeless experience.

While our digital escapades are enjoyable, I find a unique joy and connection in engaging with them over classic games like backgammon or chess. These games offer a platform for bonding, strategic thinking, and shared experiences, enriching our relationship and creating cherished memories.

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